20 November 2012

Do you have star quality? That’s the question Northamptonshire County Council is asking Northampton residents as it launches a campaign to recruit more foster carers in the town.

Foster carers are urgently needed for short term and permanent placements for children of all ages to add to the 215 council foster placements currently in Northamptonshire.

Councillor Catherine Boardman, cabinet member for children’s social care, said: “We’re immersed in a celebrity culture that tells us anyone can be a star but we all know that the real stars in our community are the ones who make a difference to another person’s life. That’s why each and every one of our foster carers has true star quality and why we’re asking more potential stars to step forward.

“The circumstances of a child needing foster care are hugely varied. For some children, it’s the start of a process that will ultimately see them living a new life with a new family; for others, it's a short term need.

“Whatever the circumstances, we want these children to be cared for as locally as possible so they can continue to go to their own school, mix with own friends and have as much stability as possible during a period of disruption.

” If you are interested in helping children in need, have time and energy, a sense of humour and an ability to talk to children, our fostering team would like to hear from you.”

The council has 215 foster carers:

  • 18 carers in the South Northamptonshire area
  • 104 in the Northampton area
  • 24 in the Corby area
  • 25 in the Kettering area
  • 44 in the Wellingborough and East Northamptonshire area

With 759 children in care, the council wants to recruit more foster carers to increase the chances of a child in care staying in their local area and to avoid having to use expensive agency placements that could see them living away from their local community.

Foster carers are paid a weekly allowance and receive a full training package. A recent Ofsted report on the county’s fostering services found that foster carers in the county feel their views are valued by the council and foster carers and children feel supported.

This week, the council has launched a four-week campaign incorporating traditional and digital marketing channels to spread the message as widely as possible that more foster carers are needed. The campaign asks residents if they have the star quality needed to be a foster carer.

For more information call the fostering recruitment line on 0300 126 1009 or visit our website www.fosterme.co.uk