30 April 2013

With just days to go before the Northamptonshire County Council elections people are being reminded that they will for the first time be able to follow events live via an online webcast.

Voters will be also able to share in the excitement as the county election results are declared by accessing the council’s interactive results page.

As each result is released at the count, the website will be updated and an illustrative map will show each division turning the colour of the winning party in that area.

People can search for the results where they live, by simply tapping in their postcode, district or electoral division.

Paul Blantern, county council chief executive and returning officer, said: “We now webcast council meetings as a matter of routine but this is the first time we’ve been able to broadcast an election count live.

“By making the event so accessible it will help people see what happens at an election count and hopefully raise interest in local democracy.

“The results web pages will be updated as the results come in, giving live updates and conveying the excitement of the count.

“In the last election in 2009 the service proved remarkably popular with thousands of hits and we hope that’s the same this time round.”

This year is the first election since a review of Northamptonshire’s electoral divisions was undertaken by the Boundary Commission. As a result of that review, Northamptonshire will have 57 county councillors following the count, compared to the current figure of 73.

People will have the chance to have their say on how services in Northamptonshire are run over the next fours years when they go to the polls on May 2.

However due to the very detailed verification procedures involved, the counting of the ballot papers and the announcement of the results will take place the following day.

For more information go to www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/election