14 May 2013

A new cabinet to build on Northamptonshire County Council’s growing reputation as one of the most innovative and enterprising councils in the country has been unveiled by leader-elect Councillor Jim Harker.

Councillor Harker is proposing a smaller Cabinet of eight councillors to drive the Council forward and help it continue to face up to its significant financial challenges and cement the county’s position as the country’s most enterprising place.

And Councillor Harker said he had every confidence his new Cabinet was fully equipped to continue the Council’s work in making Northamptonshire an excellent place to live and work.

He said: “I am delighted to be able to propose such a strong team as my Cabinet. Among the team we have experienced Cabinet members and new talent to really help continue to drive this Council forward.

“We clearly have so much work to do. We need to continue our work with partners to make children safer in the county, we need to build on our reputation as being a place where people can come and do business, we need to continue our trail blazing work to fix our roads and make our network better and safer and of course we need to do all of this while continuing to rise to the huge financial challenges we face as we play our part in reducing the national deficit."

The Cabinet posts being proposed by Councillor Harker are as follows:

  • Councillor Jim Harker: Leader of the Council.
  • Councillor Heather Smith: Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for customers and communities.
  • Councillor Bill Parker: Cabinet member for finance and performance.
  • Councillor Michael Clarke: Cabinet member for transport, highways and environment.
  • Councillor Andre Gonzalez De Savage: Cabinet member for economic growth and public protection.
  • Councillor Catherine Boardman: Cabinet member for children and education.
  • Councillor Robin Brown: Cabinet member for health and wellbeing
  • Councillor Suresh Patel: Cabinet member for adult social care.

Full council will meet on Thursday May 16 when a leader will be formally elected and the cabinet formally appointed.