13 May 2013

Northamptonshire County Council has taken over the responsibility for on-street and off-street parking enforcement in Daventry district.

Soon, any motorist who flouts parking restrictions will receive a penalty charge notice (PCN), which means they will have to pay a fine.

However, in the run-up to restrictions being introduced, parking enforcement officers will issue dummy tickets so people can become accustomed to the changes.

The county council is already responsible for parking enforcement in Northampton, Wellingborough, Corby, South Northamptonshire and East Northamptonshire.

The aim of parking enforcement is to encourage sensible and safe parking in the county as this reduces congestion, helps access for emergency services and increases safety for drivers and pedestrians. Enforcement is also seen as beneficial in making more spaces available which brings more people into town centres.

A spokesman for the county council said: “Enforcement is important both safety and traffic congestion reasons. It helps keep traffic moving, reduces dangerous and anti-social parking, and improves access for emergency vehicles and public transport.

"Whilst the majority of drivers use car parks and parking areas in a sensible and considerate manner those vehicles which are incorrectly parked are not only dangerous but cause delays and frustration to other road users."

The council has taken over parking enforcement from Northamptonshire Police. On the ground parking enforcement will not be undertaken by county council officers but has been contracted out to the company NSL in line with the other boroughs and districts in Northamptonshire.

There are no financial or performance-related incentives for parking attendants to issue penalty charge notices. There are also no quotas or targets for parking attendants to meet.

The income generated from enforcement activity is retained by the council to fund the parking service. Any surpluses are ring-fenced for parking, or highway and environmental improvements.

Key dates:

  • May 20 to May 29 - Information leaflets will be issued on offending motorist vehicles
  • May 30 to June 16 – Dummy PCNs issued with information leaflets
  • June 17 to June 23 – Real PCNs issued with information leaflets
  • June 23 onwards - Real PCNs issued without information.