01 July 2014

Residents of Chipping Warden are being asked by Northamptonshire County Council about the importance of a by-pass for their community and which one of three routes they prefer.

The county council is consulting with residents as part of producing a business case to be presented to HS2 Ltd, whose proposed high-speed rail line passes close to the south Northamptonshire community.

A361 relief road

As part of the HS2 proposals, the A361 road has been identified as a construction route, with one of the main construction sites located at the former airfield off the A361 to the north of Chipping Warden.

The county council therefore wishes to promote the delivery of an A361 relief road to mitigate the impact of construction on the residents of Chipping Warden, particularly those living adjacent to the A361.

Cllr Michael Clarke, county council cabinet member for transport, highways and environment, said: “The village of Chipping Warden has been in need of a by-pass for many years but with the associated traffic with the construction of HS2 this is now even more necessary.

“Although the by-pass has been a priority for the county council it has been very difficult to obtain the funding required.

“The development of HS2 gives us a unique opportunity to develop a business case to help make the road a reality.

“The bypass could also create a potential cost saving to HS2 as building a permanent relief road for Chipping Warden avoids having to create a temporary diversion and reinstatement of A361.”

The A361 which runs through Chipping Warden serves as the main route between Daventry and the M40.

High traffic volumes through the village particularly HGVs and car transporters accessing the Appletree Industrial Estate, have long been a concern for residents.

The local community has also repeatedly highlighted congestion and safety concerns associated with the primary school.

The transport assessment carried out by HS2 Ltd itself estimated that traffic flows would increase by 38per cent for all traffic and by 1,178per cent for HGVs in the morning peak during the peak construction period, resulting in significant impacts on the residents, businesses and school children of Chipping Warden.


The consultation on the relief road will run from June 30 until August 29. Part of this will be a public exhibition held in Chipping Warden village hall between midday and 8pm on July 8 and July 9.

More details can be found on the consultation section of our website