08 April 2014

Northampton Volunteering Centre is pleased to have been awarded the contract for supporting voluntary and community sector services in the county by Northamptonshire County Council.

The three-year, £300,000 contract will oversee the implementation of a strategy to support people and communities.

How will the contract work?

Central to the new contract will be finding innovative ways to source funding, working with communities themselves to see where they need help and working with partner organisations.

Work will also include building up a reserve of volunteers and making sure that voluntary and community organisations become more robust to become self-sustaining.

Cllr Heather Smith, county council deputy leader said: “Supporting the wellbeing of the people of Northamptonshire along with helping them to have happy, independent lives is one of the key tenets of this administration.

“With less and less public money available, we’ve had to find innovative ways of making a little go a long way and some of the progress that we’ve made has been excellent.

“There’s a great deal of good work already going on in our communities and part of the new contract will be harnessing this to make best use of it.”

The new way of working will focus on firstly working with people to identify what help is needed and then seeing what can be done and how.

Volunteers needed

The heart of the county council’s aim is to build capacity within all local communities to enable people to manage their own needs and to support each other.

A key factor in this will be stimulating volunteering and involvement as a means of getting people engaged in finding solutions to their needs.

Jane Carr, chief executive, Northampton Volunteering Centre said: “We are delighted to be named as Northamptonshire's Support Service for the Voluntary and Community Sector. Our track record of support for the sector has enabled us to demonstrate what we can achieve.

“The contract will mark a new chapter for NVC and a completely different way of working. We look forward to being able to deliver new services in conjunction with the voluntary and community sector in local areas.”