02 December 2014

New plans on how Northamptonshire County Council’s household waste recycling centres (HWRC) will be run are set to be discussed at Cabinet next week.

People have been asked for their views on proposals the county council had drawn up on how the service could be run more efficiently.

Using feedback from the consultation, the council has refined the proposals, which if approved will be implemented from February 1, 2015.

What are the changes?

One of the initial ideas had been to close Wollaston HWRC but the council is now optimistic that this can be avoided as the authority is exploring the possibility of the site being run by a third party.

Other changes are opening the remaining nine sites on five days a week with the opening hours of all sites to be between 10am and 6pm all year round, the timings favoured by the majority of people surveyed.

Cllr Michael Clarke, county council, cabinet member for transport, highways and environment, said: “We’ve received a great deal of feedback from people during the consultation and we’ve used this to help shape proposals, namely around opening hours and days.

“I’m pleased that we’re exploring the possibility of the Wollaston HWRC being run by a third party and am hopeful that a solution can be found.

“Our household waste recycling centres are a very important service, providing hubs where people can take their waste and recycling.”

The HWRC service currently costs the council £2.7m annually, however, these proposals, when fully implemented will save the council annually £430k by the end of 2016/17, which is a reduction in costs of approximately 16per cent.