06 October 2014

People are being asked their views on proposals to change how Northamptonshire County Council’s household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) are run.

As part of last year’s budget setting process, the county council’s cabinet agreed to review the service to deliver £1million of savings over a four-year period.

Now, following an evaluation of the HWRC provision, a plan has been drawn up as to how the service could work.

What are the proposals?

Proposals include closing the HWRC at Wollaston, one of 10 centres run by the council, as well as changing the number of days sites are open and revising opening hours.

The closure of the Wollaston HWRC has been suggested to help the county council save money.

The site receives fewer users and less waste each year than the other nine sites but still costs a similar amount to run, making it relatively poor value for the taxpayer.

Additionally, Wollaston is well served by three other nearby HWRCs, including the newly redeveloped site at Rushden.

Cllr Michael Clarke, county council cabinet member for transport, highways and environment, said: “Despite making significant savings over the past few years there are still tremendous pressures on the county council to make efficiencies.

“Our household waste recycling centres are a very important service, providing hubs where people can take their waste and recycling.

“However for the service to be able to continue we need to make changes.

“We know we have to close one site, and shutting the Wollaston one makes most sense as residents have a choice of three other HWRCs within a five-mile radius.

“We also know that we have to reduce the number of days all sites are open to five but we are asking people to guide us, which days suit them best.

“To save money we also need to reduce opening hours and once again, we need suggestions as to which hours are best for the majority.”

How can I have my say?

People have until 31 October to complete a questionnaire about the proposals. The survey is available online and leaflets are being distributed at the 10 HWRCs alerting people to the online survey.

It is envisaged that changes would be implemented from February 1, 2015 subject to the approval of the council county’s cabinet committee.