04 August 2014

Northamptonshire County Council’s archives and heritage service has developed a website as a guide to the county’s First World War history and the events that are taking place over the next four years to commemorate it.

The website primarily signposts people to funding opportunities and national projects, but also acts as a local events listing as well as hosting the local stories to have emerged from the conflict.

The site is designed to grow over the next four years as more stories come to light and more events get planned.

What's on the site already?

However it already contains fascinating facts about some of the many county people who played their part such as a photo taken by Fred Lee, a soldier in the Northamptonshire Yeomanry, who captured an aerial image of the trenches, zig-zagging across the countryside.

Northamptonshire born artist Alfred Leete was the man behind one of the most iconic images of the twentieth century. Leete’s famous depiction of Lord Kitchener for the cover of London Opinion in September 2014 has been reproduced again and again, promoting everything from forest fire safety to fashion.

Cllr Jim Harker, Leader of the county council, said: “The First World War was a landmark conflict in our nation’s history and in many ways shaped the way we live our lives today.

“What’s great about this website is that it acts as a focal point for all the stories from this period and a bank of information, which helps us all remember how brutal the events were.

“What’s also interesting though is that even in this darkest hour we see more positive aspects of human nature shine through.”

Do you have a First World War story?

The county council is seeking keen contributors so if anyone has a story to share, including any pictures, please email ww1northants@gmail.com