08 September 2014

Northamptonshire residents are being congratulated on reaching the 20 million steps target during the weekend.

About 20 Million Steps

The first-ever 20 Million Steps weekend took place during 5th to 7th September and saw people from all over the county go for a walk and log their steps.

Northamptonshire County Council is still counting the steps to achieve a final total, but figures show that the 20 million steps target has been achieved.

The challenge to walk 20,000,000 steps was issued earlier this year in response to recent statistics showing that Northamptonshire is the fifth fattest county.

County council cabinet member for public health and wellbeing Councillor Robin Brown said: “I’m very pleased that the county has risen to the challenge and achieved an incredible 20 million steps in one weekend.

“I would like to say well done to everyone who took part. We’re still adding up the steps to achieve a final total which I'm confident that everyone will be proud of.

“We don’t want Northamptonshire to be the fifth fattest county, and getting as many people as possible to go for a walk is a great way to start changing this. Walking is great for people’s health and wellbeing, plus it’s free, accessible and going for a walk with family or friends is good fun too.

“I hope that many of the people who took part this weekend will see this as the beginning of a positive new habit, and start walking more often. Being more active in this way will go a long way towards improving their own health and wellbeing, and help Northamptonshire to be a happier, healthier county by 2020.”

People were invited to go on a walk of their choice, with specific walking opportunities made available at country parks and libraries. Treadmills were also set-up in town centres for the weekend for people to try out and contribute some steps to the challenge.


Information regarding the final number of steps walked as well as details about walking in Northamptonshire on the council's website or via Twitter @2020Northants.

Find walks through the Northamptonshire Ramblers’ Association website.