05 February 2014

Nature lovers and history buffs are invited to join a hawk walk in the ancient surroundings of Chester Farm.

About the hawk walks

The hawk walks will evoke days of old when the winter and early spring months were the traditional time for falconers to practice their art.

Following in this time-honoured tradition, hawk walk participants will be able to take a rustic stroll through historic countryside while enjoying spectacular hawks flying in the wild.

At the same time they will hear about the history of hawking from professional falconry hosts Raphael Historic Falconry as well as learn about the heritage of Chester Farm, a hugely significant historical site which provides evidence of thousands of years of human activity, from at least Mesolithic times to the present day.

During the hawk walks participants will:

  • Learn to handle and carry a hooded hawk.
  • Try their hand at casting off and calling a hawk back to the glove.
  • Watch the skills used to work a hawk through trees and over meadowland.

Hawk walks will take place on 8th and 9th March, 22nd and 23rd March, 5th and 6th April. There will be two sessions on each day, at 9.30am until 12noon and then from 1pm to 3.30pm.

Hawk walks cost £50 per person, this covers a briefing, refreshments and personal tuition.

For more information please visit the webpage or call 01604 362523.