17 December 2014

Plans to expand Roade Primary School to enable more local children to attend the school of their choice are progressing to the next stage.

Double the number of school places

The county council is looking to double the number of school places from 210 to 420 in response to the rising demand for places at Roade Primary School, which is partly due to new housing developments in the area.

Cllr Matthew Golby, cabinet member for learning, skills and education yesterday (December 16) approved a decision to publish a statutory notice to expand Roade Primary School from one to two forms of entry. The statutory notice will be published on January 8, followed by a four-week consultation period.

Cllr Golby said: “We’ve seen a huge rise in the number of applications for a place at Roade Primary School in recent years and this is largely due to a number of new housing developments being built in the area. Sadly, this has meant that the school has been unable to offer a place in some year groups to every child living in the village or with an older sibling at the school.

“We are proposing to expand the school to ensure that families who would like to send their child to their local school will be able to do so and the school can continue to provide for the expanding community.”

The cost of the expansion, which would involve a two-storey extension and the reconfiguration of existing internal and outside space, is expected to be £2.75m, with £1,688,750 coming from Section 106 developer contributions and the remaining £1,061,250 funded by a Department for Education grant.

The proposal will next be discussed at a Cabinet meeting in March 2015.