28 January 2015

Nearly 3,300 homes and businesses in parts of Grange Park, Northampton Waterside Enterprise Zone and the town centre will get access to superfast broadband (download speeds above 24Mbps) thanks to an extension of the Superfast Northamptonshire project.

These latest plans have been confirmed by Northamptonshire County Council following its earlier success in securing additional funding for the project including new commitments from local councils agreed last month.

The £1.2m public/private investment comprises £614,000 of public funding including £338,000 from the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme and contributions from South Northamptonshire Council, Northampton Borough Council and Grange Park Parish Council. BT is contributing a further £613,000.

What's the overall cost of the project?

This brings the total public funding secured for the Superfast Northamptonshire programme to more than £20m over the lifetime of the project. It is being invested in stages and through a range of initiatives to extend the roll out of superfast broadband to those parts of the county which fall outside the private sector’s commercial fibre broadband plans.

Over the past few months, the County Council has been working with BT to complete network modelling and design work for the extension plans, which will be delivered as part of the first stage of the Superfast Northamptonshire project, and completed by the end of March 2016.

How many homes will benefit?

It is expected that more than 880 properties in Grange Park and more than 2,400 homes and businesses in Northampton will be able to benefit. 180 of these are properties located in the Waterside Enterprise Zone (EZ).

Securing access to superfast broadband is an essential part of the strategy for the EZ to maximise inward investment and indigenous business growth and retention. The plans aim to serve the majority of premises in the EZ, providing speeds up to 80Mbps for those premises located closest to the new fibre cabinets.

The plans are expected to bring the total superfast broadband coverage to be delivered through the first stage of the project to 53,400. It is expected that all of these homes and businesses will benefit from access to superfast broadband speeds of above 24Mbps, with many other properties also gaining access to faster speeds. To upgrade to the faster services when available, people should contact an internet service provider of their choice.

The county council has set an ambitious target to achieve countywide coverage of superfast broadband, working with Government, local partners and telecoms providers.

Over the project’s lifetime, public investment could help to bring superfast broadband to as many as 90,000 homes and businesses across Northamptonshire.

The county council is continuing to bring forward initiatives through the Superfast Northamptonshire project, engaging with BT and the wider telecoms market.

The latest plans can be viewed on the project’s When and Where map.