06 October 2015

Northamptonshire County Council is looking to provide land at Brampton Valley Way linear park to enable the extension of the Northampton and Lamport Railway.

The heritage railway currently runs alongside the Brampton Valley Way linear park and Northampton Steam Railway Limited, which runs the railway, is hoping to extend the line to Spratton.

Public consultation

Cllr Bill Parker, cabinet member for finance and LGSS, today (October 6th) approved a decision to hold a public consultation on plans to offer land at Brampton Valley Way on a 50-year lease to enable the extension to go ahead.

Walkers and cyclists would still be able to use the public right of way with a safety fence separating the park from the railway line.

Cllr Parker said: “Northampton Steam Railway Limited have been working hard to bring forward plans to extend the line further through Brampton Valley Way and I’m delighted to lend our support to the project.

“Before any final decision is made, we want to make sure that the views of visitors to the park are taken into account and will be holding a public consultation to give people the opportunity to provide their feedback on the proposal.”

Line reopened

The Northampton and Lamport Railway is run by rail enthusiasts who formed Northampton Steam Railway Limited with the intention of reopening as much of the former Northampton to Market Harborough railway line as possible following its closure in 1973.

The county council already leases land to the organisation for the existing stretch of railway, which runs between Boughton crossing and Merry Tom crossing.

Northampton Steam Railway Limited will apply for various grants to fund the extension, which already has planning permission.