24 February 2015

People in Northamptonshire are being reminded that a survey about the use of motorcycles and public attitudes towards this particular form of transport closes next week.

People have until 5pm on Friday, March 6 to take part in the Northamptonshire County Council survey, even if they have never ridden a motorcycle before.

So far, just over 500 people have provided information which will help to integrate motorcycling into the county council’s sustainable transport strategy, which also covers policies on walking and cycling routes as well as bus travel.

With the number of single occupancy cars on the road, motorcycles are seen as a relatively more sustainable form of transport as on average they pollute six times less than cars.

Motorbikes, mopeds and scooters also cause less congestion than cars, improve journey times and reduce the need for parking space. However, at present motorcycles only account for about one per cent of total road traffic.

What does the survey ask?

The survey will ask motorcycle users their views on the current highways network and ask non-motorcycle users what barriers there are preventing them from using this mode of transport, particularly for commuting.

The survey has been commissioned by the Northamptonshire Motorcycle Task Force, which is made up of Northamptonshire Highways, the Police and the Fire and Rescue service.

In Britain, despite motorcycle ownership declining, recently there are signs that the market is picking up. In European countries where there is a high level of motorcycle ownership collision rates are much lower than the UK.

Responses are entirely anonymous, though there is space to leave contact details if people wish too.