11 September 2015

Northamptonshire Health and Wellbeing Board members led by example last weekend when they took part in the Northampton Half Marathon (Sunday 6th September).

Who took part?

Northamptonshire County Council’s Director of Public Health and Wellbeing Professor Akeem Ali ran alongside two vice chairs of the health and wellbeing board – Vice Chancellor of the University of Northampton Professor Nick Petford and chair of Nene Clinical Commissioning Group Dr Darin Seiger.

This is the third time Northampton has hosted this half marathon event, which saw more than 500 participants run 13.1 miles around Northampton and its surrounding countryside.

Professor Ali said: “The importance of being more active and the positive impact this has on our health and wellbeing is one of the key messages we try to promote.

“One of the ways people can focus on their fitness is by signing up for organised runs, so I was pleased to get involved myself and take part in the half marathon. Finishing a race like this is a big challenge so I would also like to say well done to everyone who participated.

“But if a half marathon isn’t for you, don’t forget you can get more active by going for a walk as part of our upcoming 20 Million Steps challenge and help the county reach this goal.”

Vice Chancellor, Nick Petford, said: “I’m delighted to have taken part in this weekend’s Northampton half marathon. Helping people in Northamptonshire understand more about their own Health and Wellbeing and the easy things they can do to make a positive difference is an important part of what we are doing.

“Small changes in lifestyle can make a big difference - not everyone needs to run a half marathon! I guarantee that even a few gentle walks during September will make you feel better. Walking has real health benefits, it can help maintain a healthy weight, reduce blood pressure and being more active overall lowers the risk of getting serious diseases. Don’t forget to log your activity during September to help us reach our target of 20million steps – it's an exciting collective goal for Northamptonshire.”

Dr Darin Seiger said: “I encourage all of my patients to lead as healthy a lifestyle as possible, and taking part in regular exercise is so important to improve everyone's health and wellbeing. I'm really excited to have taken part and support this mass participation event, and hope that we can show how much fun these events can be to encourage even more people to take part in the future!"