01 December 2015

Brothers from Briar Hill were this week commended for their response following a fire in their family home.

15-year-old James Scott and his 11-year-old brother Liam received a prestigious award from East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) to recognise their bravery.

When Liam woke up on November 2nd, he could smell smoke and he realised his family home was on fire. He ran upstairs to wake James, and both boys shut themselves in a bedroom using a quilt to mask the smoke from coming under the door.

Awareded brothers

Boys trapped

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service received the 999 call around 7.10am and called for backup from EMAS after realising the boys were trapped in the burning building.

Fire officers were able to rescue the boys from the bedroom window and EMAS clinicians treated them both for smoke inhalation before taking them into hospital.

Yesterday (November 30), the boys attended the Mounts Fire Station to meet the Fire and Ambulance crews who helped them.

James said he did not imagine that anything on the scale of a special award was being arranged.

He said: “When the firefighters came it was such a relief. And when we were in the ambulance, I was just thinking ‘did that really happen’?”

Special award

The brothers were presented with a special award that has been developed by EMAS to recognise children and young adults who have gone above and beyond to help another.

This award is in memory of Nick Laverick, a Paramedic Team Leader from EMAS, who tragically lost his battle with cancer on his 37th birthday in September 2013. Nick’s colleagues all miss him terribly and, along with his wife Sasha, who is also a paramedic, decided to continue his legacy through this award.

Anya Donald, Paramedic from Mereway, is part of the Laverick Team. She said: “Nick always showed professionalism, courage and dignity, not only for his patients but himself; particularly during the last few months of his life.

“This award celebrates young people like Liam and James for their bravery and keeping each other safe during a very scary situation.”

Kevin Denham, station manager at Mounts Fire Station, said: “This award is very much deserved by the boys who were involved in this fire.

“They are very young and certainly not exposed to this kind of emergency on a regular basis, but they didn’t panic and they were able to make a phone call to speak to the control room, who gave the information they needed to help keep safe.

“We always have close contact with EMAS and it is fantastic we have the chance to support this award.”

Kevin added: “The award came about through circumstances that were very sad, but what a legacy this is to leave; a legacy that brings people together. The award is great for the boys and their family.”

'Terrifying experience'

The boys’ mum Sarah had left for work when the fire broke out. She said: “They have been amazing. Despite their terrifying experience, they have just carried on like nothing has happened.

“It is great that their bravery is being celebrated and that Nick is being remembered. I don’t think they understand how brilliantly they acted. I am very proud that they are getting the recognition they deserve.”

The brothers, along with the fire service control operator and crew who rescued them, are also being considered for a Fire Service recognition award.