15 September 2015

Children from schools across Northamptonshire will take part in a day of orienteering at Brixworth Country Park on Friday (September 18th) – and every step they take will count towards the 20 Million Steps campaign.

Organised by Northamptonshire Sport, the Xplorer orienteering event encourages pupils to get active and complete the challenge, which for some will be their first opportunity to take part in school sport and competition.

During the day, small groups of Year 5 and 6 pupils will be given an Xplorer map before setting off around the park looking for different markers and answering the questions they pose.

Physical activity

The children’s steps as they make their way around Brixworth Country Park will all count towards Northamptonshire County Council’s 20 Million Steps campaign, which encourages people to take part in more physical activity.

Over the course of this weekend (September 18th to 20th), people will be invited to go for a walk and then log their steps in the hope of reaching the county target of 20 million steps.

Cllr Robin Brown, county council cabinet member for public health and wellbeing, said: “Physical activity is incredibly important for children as they grow up and some schools have better opportunities for sports and PE than others. This is why we’ve invited some of those schools to take part in our Xplorer orienteering day.

“This will be a fun outdoor event and will offer pupils the chance to contribute towards the 20 Million Steps campaign by counting the steps they take around Brixworth Country Park using pedometers.

“I hope people across Northamptonshire will be inspired by their efforts and join us in our bid to smash our 20 million steps target!”

Log your steps

Information about the 20 Million Steps campaign can be found at www.20millionsteps.co.uk. People can also log their steps after completing their walk by visiting the website.