19 March 2015

Householders, communities, landowners and businesses in Northamptonshire now have additional help to minimise the risk from flooding thanks to an online toolkit tailored specifically for the county.

Northamptonshire County Council has developed a website to provide a central point of information on a wide range of flooding issues, including flood-risk maps, funding available and interactive guides.

Why is the toolkit needed?

The toolkit aims to answer the most fundamental and frequently asked flood related questions through a number of interactive elements and easily accessible downloadable guides.

The aim is to equip people so they have the information required to help themselves as much as possible, working in a preventative way.

Cllr Michael Clarke, county council cabinet member for transport, highways and environment, said: “This is an excellent website which is very easy to use and provides clear, accessible advice on all sorts of flooding related issues.

“What we’ve found is that communities are often best set to help themselves as they have an in-depth knowledge of their areas.

“However we can help by gathering all of the important information and centralising it so it can be used easily – with people selecting what they need.”

What does the toolkit do?

The Flood Toolkit allows people to:

  • Find out if they are at risk of flooding using the interactive Flood Risk Map.
  • Discover who is responsible for flooding outside homes or on the roads and how to contact them.
  • Learn how to protect property from flood water through engaging images.
  • Locate funding sources for flood related projects using the Funding Mechanism Tool.
  • See how much rain has fallen in local areas through the Rain Gauge Widget.
  • Educate children through the Flood Aware Schools Pack.

The county council is the lead local flood authority for the county, which means it is required to create a strategy to tackle local flood risks, involving flooding from surface water, ordinary watercourses and groundwater.

The toolkit is part of the council’s wider Community Pathfinder Project which has been made possible after Northamptonshire was chosen by the government as just one of 13 areas in the country in which to deliver this pilot initiative.

This pathfinder project has provided the selected communities with a range of flood resilience tools. The project aims to find out what tools would help communities make themselves more resilient to flooding and what tools really are not useful in practice.