28 January 2015

Northamptonshire County Council is urging eligible residents to make sure they take the opportunity to get their free NHS health check.

About health checks

Everyone is at risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and some forms of dementia - the good news is that these conditions can often be prevented.

Health checks are like a midlife MOT. Even if people are feeling well now, it’s a chance to check that some of their body’s most important systems are all running smoothly and allows them to be better prepared for the future and to be able to take steps to maintain or improve their health.

Who is eligible?

Health checks are available to most people aged between 40 and 74, who don’t already have an existing vascular condition that is already being taken care of by their GP.

They only take around 20 to 30 minutes and during this time blood pressure, cholesterol and BMI will all be checked. People will also be asked some simple questions about their family history and any medication they are taking.

After the health check they will be taken through the results and be given personalised advice on how to lower any risks and stay healthy.

Councillor Robin Brown, Northamptonshire County Council cabinet member for public health and wellbeing said: “At this time of year, lots of us think about our health and look to see what lifestyle changes we can make.

“One easy way to really improve your chances of living a healthier life is to make sure that you don’t miss out on a free NHS health check if you are entitled to one.

“Even if you’re feeling fit and well, it’s worth getting checked over to help lower the risk of certain conditions developing in the future. It takes less than half an hour to have the health check, and can make a real difference to your health and wellbeing.”

Anyone interested in getting a free health check should visit www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/healthchecks to check if they are eligible or contact their GP surgery for more information.