02 September 2015

A workshop to look at to how the planning system can be best used to create healthy environments in Northamptonshire took place on Thursday 3rd September.

About the event

The event was organised by Northamptonshire County Council’s public health and wellbeing service alongside the Northamptonshire Chief Planning Officers group and planning and housing charity the Town and Country Planning Association.

The environments in which people live and work can have a massive impact on their lifestyles and the choices they make, which in turn can affect their health and wellbeing.

With tens of thousands of new homes planned for the county, along with jobs, retail and leisure facilities, the workshop examined the role of the planning system in creating places that enable and encourage healthier choices and healthier lifestyles that contribute to individual and community wellbeing.

Cabinet member for public health and wellbeing Councillor Robin Brown said: “This event was an opportunity to explore the role of the planning system in creating new developments which support positive lifestyle choices and support the health and wellbeing of those who live, work or visit them.

“Like many parts of the country, Northamptonshire has a number of major health and wellbeing challenges, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mental and emotional wellbeing, obesity in children and adults and incidence of cancer.

“In order to address those challenges, many of us need to be doing more physical activity, eating healthier diets and generally living healthier lifestyles and our environments have an impact on our ability to do this.”

Simon Bovey, Chair of the Northamptonshire Chief Planning Officers’ Group said: "The health and wellbeing of communities is an important part of the planning process. Northamptonshire is fast-growing and district and borough councils, as planning authorities, want to work with partners to ensure we help create new developments with facilities and spaces that support our communities to live happy, healthy lives."

For more information about the workshop, people can email Stephen Marks, specialist public health smarks@northamptonshire.gov.uk