01 October 2015

Feedback gathered from residents is helping to design the new Wellbeing Community Interest Company (CIC) for Northamptonshire.

Eight public roadshows were held across the county during June for residents to find out more about the CIC, and to give their feedback on the type of services they would like to see provided. The results of an online wellbeing survey have also been used to find out residents’ views and thoughts about the new wellbeing company.

About the Wellbeing CIC

Northamptonshire County Council, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Northampton are working together to form a Wellbeing Community Interest Company (CIC), which will bring together services that enable people to feel healthier and better about themselves.

These wellbeing services could include smoking cessation clinics, help with weight management, debt advice, befriending services, support for people to improve their physical activity levels or improve their literacy. Some services will be free and others will be paid for.

Key results include:

  • Different age groups prefer to access Wellbeing services in different places
  • Support for the ‘Tell Your Story Once’ approach
  • Support for the inclusion of outreach services to deliver Wellbeing needs.
  • Workplaces are a place where residents would like to access a Wellbeing service.
  • GPs are the number one place that residents wish to access Wellbeing services.
  • Countryside parks rate very highly in being a place where residents would like to access a Wellbeing service

Additional services that were suggested by residents to include within the Wellbeing CIC are; drugs and alcohol support, Citizens’ Advice, complementary therapies and counselling and these are now being considered for inclusion.

Further engagement work with residents is now being planned around the weekend opening hours, what wellbeing services residents would like delivered from Countryside Parks and the development of the online Wellbeing service.

Diane McKerracher, Interim Managing Director for the Wellbeing CIC said: “It was very encouraging to see so many people attend the roadshows and to hear from them first hand what they thought about the Wellbeing CIC and how it could enable them to feel healthier and better about themselves. The roadshows and survey have provided us with a real insight into our residents’ needs, the sorts of services they would like to access and what is important to them as we look forward to becoming operational.”

Cabinet member for Public Health and Wellbeing, Councillor Robin Brown, said: “This engagement has shown that the residents of Northamptonshire very much want to be involved in helping shape the new Wellbeing Community Interest Company for the county. There was wide support for our ‘Tell Your Story Once’ approach which for the first time will provide residents across the county with an online or face to face single wellbeing assessment and easier access to integrated preventative services.”

The CIC is expected to be established in December 2015, and be operational by summer 2016.

Results from the additional wellbeing engagement roadshows held from July – September will be made available on the CIC webpages once available.