27 May 2015

Staff at Parklands Primary School and Sywell Primary School have been focusing on their own health and wellbeing as part of Northamptonshire Healthy Workplace Week (18th to 22nd May).

School staff health

As well as supporting the health of children and young people, it’s important that school staff also consider their own mental, physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

In particular, encouraging staff to be more active can help to prevent disease, maintain a healthy weight and promote mental health and wellbeing.

Last Thursday (21st May), staff at Parklands Primary School tried out table tennis during their lunch hour and at Sywell Primary School there was a jump rope session for staff and children in the afternoon.

Councillor Robin Brown, county council cabinet member for public health and wellbeing said: “Schools are an important setting for health and wellbeing, not just with regards to students but also for staff too. Like any workplace, a school can be a stressful and challenging environment so it’s important that staff are supported in the right way - after all, the best thing for students is happy, healthy staff.”

The week also coincided with the first-ever Healthy Schools Week, with around 60 schools taking part in a programme of activities aimed at promoting health and wellbeing.

This is part of the 2020 Healthier Child Programme which began in 2014 and brings together activity already taking place through Northamptonshire Sport, Nourish, the council’s three outdoor learning centres and school nursing, which all play a vital role in supporting the health of the county’s children and young people.