19 September 2016

Northamptonshire County Council is inviting residents to take a selfie or picture while out walking during the 20Million Steps ‘x2’ weekend to be in with a chance of winning a Withings fitness tracker.

What is 20 Million Steps?

The council’s annual challenge to residents and people working in Northamptonshire takes place from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th September and is their biggest yet, with a target of 40 million steps to be taken over the challenge weekend – that’s 20 million steps X 2.

People taking part in the challenge are asked to take selfies or photos of themselves, their family and friends while out walking then tag them on social media using #20mstepsx2 or send them to 20millionsteps@northamptonshire.gov.uk by Friday 30th September for the chance to win a Withings fitness tracker Activité Steel.

Councillor Sylvia Hughes said: “20 Million Steps is the council’s annual challenge to residents and people working in Northamptonshire to get up, get out and get walking, as part of our drive to make Northamptonshire a fitter, healthier county by 2020.

“This is our third 20 Million Steps challenge, and as our previous challenges have proved so popular, we have upped our target to 40 million steps which is why this year’s challenge is called 20 Million Steps ‘x2’.

“There are plenty of opportunities to take part, including self-guided walks at our country parks, events at our libraries, and of course walks in your local area or the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside.

“Wherever you walk, however far you go, every step you take counts, so please remember to keep track of your steps either by using a pedometer or smartphone then log them on our online form which will be available from 23rd September at www.20millionsteps.co.uk.”

Counting your steps

Anyone who you doesn’t have a smartphone or pedometer, can still estimate their steps, as there are around 2,000 steps in every mile as a general rule.

Entries received after 30th September won’t be entered into the draw. Photos entered into the draw or tagged using #20mstepsx2 on social media may be used in future county council campaigns.

For more information visit www.20millionsteps.co.uk

The 20 Million Steps weekend is part of Northamptonshire County Council’s campaign to make Northamptonshire a happier, healthier county by 2020. Country parks and libraries are managed on behalf of the council by First for Wellbeing.