05 July 2016

Northamptonshire County Council is continuing to prioritise the Isham bypass scheme despite the enduring financial challenges it faces.

The council’s cabinet will next week consider a report updating progress on the £38.5million project.

Part of the report also recommends cabinet approves the re-starting of the compulsory purchase order process, which needs to be in place before the scheme can progress further.

What are compulsory purchase orders?

This process is normal for all major highways projects and means that the council has permission to acquire land for schemes if a deal cannot be reached with landowners.

While the Secretary of State approved the compulsory purchase order for the Isham bypass in 2010, following the public inquiry held in 2009, their validity has now expired.

Cllr Ian Morris, county council cabinet member for transport, highways and environment, said: “The Isham bypass is a priority scheme for Northamptonshire County Council and it is important for not only the residents of Isham but to also support further growth in the county.

“In the current financial climate there’s not a great deal of money available for major highways projects but we’re looking at a number of measures and funding streams that could get the work started.”

Planning permission for the A509 Isham Bypass was renewed for a period of 10 years in September 2011, while a total of £15million has already been secured as part of Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership’s Growth Deal.

Further funding

The cabinet report also outlines that a bid for a further £10million of Growth Deal funding has been submitted to Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership and the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership.

It is anticipated that the remainder of the money could be secured through the council’s innovative Revolving Infrastructure Fund, which uses the money developers are required to pay when they build housing schemes.

The Isham bypass is one of three schemes designed to improve the link between the A14 south of Kettering and the A45 south-west of Wellingborough.