28 October 2016

Using the latest technology to improve commuter journeys along a major Northampton transport route is at the heart of the new Northamptonshire County Council Smart Corridor Initiative.

The St James Square area has been chosen as the first of three routes in Northampton to be upgraded to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Where can I find out more?

Next week, two information events will be held in the local community to explain some of the changes that will be taking place.

Cllr Ian Morris, county council cabinet member for transport, highways and environment, said: “Technology has improved at an incredible rate over the past few years and today commuters expect the latest information to be immediately available at the touch of a button.

“Therefore it’s essential that our transport networks keep up with these changes. We all know how frustrating it can be to be held up in traffic and not know what the problem is or how long we will be there. Keeping people informed as much as we can is a step in the right direction.

“Information about when the next bus might be arriving can also be useful in helping people make decisions on which type of transport to take – for example should they walk or maybe hire one of the Cycle CoNNect bikes.”

What improvements will there be?

Some of the improvements coming to the St James Square area include.

  • Interactive transport information totem with live information that could include local weather, air quality, events and attractions
  • Installation of a new bus shelter with real-time passenger information being displayed
  • Free WIFI access at bus stops
  • Sensor instalment – bluetooth journey time coverage and cycle and pedestrian counters at key entry and exit points
  • Air quality sensors
  • Enhanced traffic signals to prioritise buses
  • A Cycle CoNNect hub for cycle hire
  • Electric car charging bays

The St James Square area is one of three corridors being developed in Northampton with central government funding available until 2019. The other corridors which will be developed are the Kingsthorpe Road corridor and the Kettering Road corridor.
Information events will be held next week:

Thursday, 3 November - 9:30am to 6:30pm at St James Community Centre, St James Road, Northampton
Saturday, 5 November - 9:30am to 6:30pm at Doddridge Centre, St James Road, Northampton

Work on the project will start on Monday, 14 November, with preparatory works taking place over the next few weeks. Between January and July roadworks will require some traffic management and lane closures.