12 January 2016

Northamptonshire residents are being encouraged to ‘Do Something Good for U’ as part of JanUary (11th to 17th January) and commit to a national New Year’s resolution to turn obesity around.

Statistics for Northamptonshire show that more than two thirds of adults in Northamptonshire (67.7%) have excess weight (adults classified as overweight or obese).

And just over half (58.6%) take part in the recommended levels of physical activity (at least 150 minutes of at least moderate intensity physical activity per week in bouts of 10 minutes or more).

About JanUary

JanUary, formerly known as National Obesity Awareness Week, asks people to make a few manageable changes to their lifestyle that they can stick with, to help them get a bit healthier.

The JanUary campaign is supported by the National Obesity Forum to highlight the problem of obesity in the UK, as well as provide support and advice to the public on how they and their families can be healthier.

The Government’s 2007 Foresight Report asserted that, if nothing was done to stop the continued rise in obesity, by 2050 more than half of the UK population could be obese. Two years ago, during the inaugural National Obesity Awareness Week, a major report by the National Obesity Forum suggested that we as a nation are in danger of realising, and perhaps even exceeding, the Foresight Report’s predictions.

Nationally the cost of this to the NHS could be as much as £10 billion per year. The total cost to society would be more than £50 billion per year.

The goal of JanUary is to confront this scenario and promote better awareness of how we can all be healthier.

Councillor Robin Brown, Northamptonshire County Council cabinet member for public health and wellbeing said: “The JanUary campaign aims to get as many members of the public as possible, irrespective of current lifestyle, to make a small change to improve their health.

“The campaign is asking everyone to make a national New Year’s resolution to be improve their health, the health of their families and the health of their wider communities.”

For more information about JanUary 2016, including how to participate and tips on getting healthier, visit the JanUary website.