Embedded maps

We have different functionality available to us to show maps on the NCC website. The choice of which type of map to use will depend on the aims of the page.


​What you want to display​Which map to useAdvantages
1​​A single location which is available in Google maps​Embed a Google map using an embed script from Google maps

​Ensures we are using data that already exists on Google, rather than storing the data ourselves

Allows the user to easily get directions from Google maps

​2​Multiple locations where we don't already store the location information​Use a map with layers web part​Allows us to display multiple locations in one map, with additional information on the locations
​3​Single location where the location information is only held by NCC​Embed an NCC interactive map​Uses service data that is already stored and updated within NCC
​4​Multiple locations where the location information is only held by NCC​Use a WMS web part​Allows us to display multiple locations in one map, pulled from the NCC mapping database

Embedded Google map (1)

The embedded Google map below pinpoints the location of a household waste recycling centre. It is useful that these are available in Google maps so that people searching in Google maps will be able to find them, so if your location doesn't already exist in Google maps it would be a good idea to request for it to be added.

We can then create an embed code to embed this map in our site (follow the instructions on Google maps for this).

Having an embedded Google map allows the user on our site to take advantage of the Google maps directions too.

embedded Google map 

Map with layers web part (2)

If you need to display data from more than one location that isn't a dataset within NCC maps, you will need to add the location data to the website and use a map with layers web part.

For example, the map below displays the list of approved venues for marriages in Northamptonshire.

If you are displaying several locations, then it is best to add this web part to a full width content zone, so that the map uses the full width of the page.

However, the map can be inserted into smaller content zones if required.

map with layers 

Embedded NCC map (3)

The map below shows the outline of a pocket park. Google maps would not be able to display a whole area like this, and all pocket parks are listed on NCC maps so in order to display this information in a web page we need to embed an NCC map.

embedded NCC map 

 WMS web part (4)

The map below uses multiple layers of map data from NCC maps. This data is not available in Google maps. The user can change the zoom level on the map and we can specify the zoom level when first displayed in the page.

WMS web part