Image tiles (with images)

Image tiles can be used on landing pages to provide clear links through to the main pages in a site.

If you want to create a fairly visual landing page for your site then you can use image tiles with images.

Standard format

The standard way of formatting these is to have the heading below the image, with a corporate purple background, and a description below that on a black background. The image tile will add these colours by default if you do not alter them.

Title above image

You also have the option to have the heading display at the top of the image, and if this option is used then the description won't display. Use this option if you want to make some of the tiles look different, for example the bottom 3 images on this waste and recycling page:

 Title overlaying image

On some sites which have had their own design authorised, we have used the 'title overlaying image' option:

If this option is used it's important to be careful that the title doesn't obscure a key part of the image.