Related services

​Related services can be added into landing pages and content pages where you want to display other services that would be of interest to the target audience.

There is a list of related services available on the team site which should be referred to so that the same image and text can be used for a particular service.

Related services 

How to format the related services

To create a new related service, find an appropriate image and make sure the title represents the service you are linking to accurately. The description text can add a bit more detail on what the service offers.

Ideally add at least 3 related services so that they fill the whole width of the page. You can add more than 3 and the user will be able to scroll to see the next few. If possible keep the number of related services to 6 or fewer.

Where to add related services into the page

The related services web part should be added to the bottom of pages, just above the share widget, into a content width web part.

Ensure there is a top margin of 30px, a top padding of 15px and bottom padding of 15px.