Using the timeline page template you can display​ information by dates or logical steps.


Formatting considerations for timelines


The timeline will adopt the site's theme colour by default, but the main colour can be configured. It will then use a lighter shade of the main colour for the lines on the timeline. For most corporate sites the colour should be restricted to the corporate purple or a shade of grey.


You can add calls-to-action to a timeline - this is a good way of sending users off to tasks which are mentioned in the timeline. The calls-to-action will be in the theme colour so bear in mind if you are changing the colour of the timeline it will need to work with the theme colour.


You can also insert images to any of the timeline items. This will add visual interest to the page, but only use images where they are relevant or add to the content.


Each timeline item should have a heading and a number, date or time period. Headings should be in sentence case, numbers should be without full stops.