Centred content pages

Centred content pages allow an alternative format for content pages, if you are looking for a more 'designed' site.

Body content is placed in the centre third of the page, and there is the option to add 'aside' content which displays on the left-hand side of the main body content.

Whether to use centred content pages or not is a design decision when creating the site. Normally all pages in the site would be centred content pages for consistency if the decision is taken to use them.

The example below shows a page from the weddings and ceremonies site. This site also has a different theme colour.

Centred content page 

Formatting considerations for centred content pages

Centred content pages are normal content pages and as such should be structured in a similar way to standard content pages, ie they should use structured headings, have content broken down into small paragraphs, and have a summary at the top of each page.

Using aside content

Centred content pages can have snippets of content 'pulled out' to the side on a grey background. In the example above, the online appointment booking option is pulled out to highlight this and make it easier for people to spot.

Aside content should only be used for things that you would want to highlight, as they will feature quite prominently on the page.

Ideally, the aside content should have a heading and body text. In the example above, the pink theme colour is applied to the text too (this has to be edited in the code). Where the colour of the text is changed, then the link text colour should also take the new colour.

The aside content can also be used for images or a combination of images and text, which can make a page look more interesting.

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