Section landing pages

NCC services sites are broken down into sections of related content which use landing pages, or signposting pages to direct users to content in that area.

The main purpose of a signposting page is to show users what options they have from that page so that they can find the information easily.


Global header

The Global header with purple background with standard links in is to be used unless otherwise agreed.

Section header

The standard section header should be used unless an alternative branding has been agreed. If the site theme colour is different due to different branding, then a different section header colour can also be agreed, for example the Northamptonshire Highways site uses their brand green colour so the section navigation background colour was set to black to provide better contrast with the brand colour.


Section landing pages can use a slider carousel for a current promotional campaign or to highlight current information relevant to that section, but otherwise should remain clean and uncluttered.

Image tiles

Each sub area of the section should be added as an image tile without an image. Each tile should have a short heading and a description below, which explains the heading in a little more detail. Where possible the text here should be kept brief, but give information that would help the user know which link to choose.

To create the image tiles without an image, leave the image field blank and set the heading font colour to #7f1183, heading background to white, description font colour to black and description background colour to white.

Global footer

The standard global footer should be used.

Share widget and Browsealoud

All section landing pages should have the share widget and Browsealoud widget showing, and it should be positioned as the last item on the page.


Please allow ample spacing between rows so that there is plenty of white space in the page. White space helps people to be able to read and take in the content on the page.

As a standard, add a 30px margin above each row, with 15px padding above. Where there are 2rows related, for example the 2 rows of image tiles in the primary school admissions page, do not add any spacing.

There should be a 30px bottom margin after the last row (usually the share widget).

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