Service landing pages

A service landing page is the main page for a service.

It has 2 purposes:

  1. To enable a visitor to access all the pages and sub-sections of the service
  2. To give an overview of the service and what you can do in it. This could include promoting a key area of the service on the landing page.

Use the dynamic landing page.

You can use the following elements in a service landing page:


Ideally for a service there would be key tasks that can be featured at the top of the service landing page. The tasks can be identified using analytics and call centre/service data.

Tasks can be displayed using icons or images. The Library Service page below shows the top tasks displayed using image tiles:

Top tasks bar on library service page 

 The adult social care page below shows the top tasks displayed using icons:

Top tasks on adult social care site 

 If using icons, be sure to use the specifications for icons so that they are consistent.


Use the spacing guidance set out in section landing pages.

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