Standard content pages

Content pages on the NCC website should all look consistent to improve the user experience.


Standard content page 

​How to format content pages

Page summary

Where possible, the page should have a summary paragraph (usually no more than one sentence) at the top of the page. This summarises what the page is about and what you can do on that page. This is particularly useful for those who may land directly on the page from a search engine.

The page summary should have the 'summary' style added.


The content in the page should be structured using Heading 2 for sub headings in the page, and Heading 3 for any sub headings within a Heading 2. This ensures the page is easily understandable by those using screen readers and other assistive technology.


Many pages will have a call-to-action within them which makes it clear to the user what we want them to do on the page.

Calls-to-action should be specific, but as brief as possible and should be formatted using the 'Call To Action Link' style.

Other options on content pages

Right-hand navigation

All content pages should have a right-hand navigation with the following:

  • A 'Back to' link which should link back to the parent page. This is created by default when the page is built, but it update if you move the location of the page, so you will have to update it manually if that is the case. 
  • 'In this section' - a list of sibling pages. This will update automatically as sibling pages are created.

Related services

Where required, related services you can add to the bottom of content pages.

Related pages

A list of related pages can be added using the web part on the right-hand-side. Use this for other pages on our site that are directly related to the current page (but that are not located in the same sub site).

The related pages web part is hidden by default. Always ensure you un-tick the 'hidden' option if you are using related pages.

Useful links

You can add a list of links to external sites in the useful links web part. This works in the same way as the related links web part - it is hidden by default so must be 'unhidden' to display the links.

Rate this page

All content pages should display the 'Rate this page' customer feedback mechanism.

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