Customer insight

Below are the steps we go through when creating a website in order to get a good understanding of the website and user needs:


Briefing document

We put together a briefing document which provides an overview of the website goals.


Service meeting

We meet with the service to discuss what they want.



We review the amount of content and work required and put together a timeline to map out key milestones.


Website analytics

Google Analytics is used to analyse your old website and review things such as page views and search terms.
This information helps us to improve your website.


Existing navigation testing

We test the navigation on your existing website and look at areas that could be improved.


Website research

We carry out research on other website designs and navigations, we present these to you and then decide exactly what we want your website to look like.

User survey

We send a survey to your existing website users in order to find out what they think needs improving on
your website.

Content audit

We put together a list of all of the content on your current website audit this to work out which pages we are going to keep, delete or update.


Service workshop

We hold a workshop with you to pitch our ideas and agree with the website.


User needs

Using the user survey results, we put together a list of user needs "as a..., I want to..., so that I can...".


Creating the new navigation 

We create a card sorting exercise and send it to your website's target audience. We analyse the results
that we get from the exercise and create the new navigation.


Mock ups

Using the agreed navigation, we create several mock ups and present them to you and then agree a design.


Image purchasing

We choose, agree and purchase the images that we are going to use on the website ready to start building.



We now start building the website. Once it is built we send it to you for sign off before publishing.