Our quote feature makes any quotations stand out within your web page.


Exclamation mark

Our exclamation mark feature allows you to draw attention to any urgent messages such as safeguarding, closing times and high call volumes.


Contact details indent

The indent feature makes text stand out. We use this for contact details so they are consistently styled.

​8-10 The lakes
John Dryden House
Bedford Road

Call to action

The call to action element makes it clear to users the action you want them to take.



Summary box

The summary feature highlights the purpose of the page in a consistent way.


Promotional text 

This promotional text box goes full width across your web page. It stands out amongst the rest
of the text and the colour changes to match the theme of your website.

promotional text.PNG 


We have a standard table that can be used to present data on your website. You can change the colours of this.