Full width background

We use the full width web part to draw the user's attention to a task or piece of promotional text within a web page.

Screenshot of a full width backgroud 


The carousel allows users to view images using a slider, which changes automatically. You can either have the carousel full width across the page or to sit in the centre.

Screenshot of a carousel image

Multi links

The multi link web part allows you to see a selection of pages in each site area, allowing you to display the most popular pages.

Screenshot of a multilink image tile


Tiles are an appealing way to direct users to a specific page, this can be done using images or text.

Screenshot of image tiles on webpage 



Accordions are a way of collapsing the page, allowing you to expand the content that you are interested in.

Screenshot of accordion 


Share news using our blog template, insert images, videos text and links.

Screenshot of blog site 


An alphabetical hyperlinked glossary allowing you select a letter or number which then directs you to terminology within that letter.

Screenshot of glossary feature 

​Hover image tile

Hover over tiles to see more information before clicking through.

Screenshot of multiple hover image tiles 


​Expandable image

Expandable images are a visual and interactive way of presenting content which will only appear once the image has been clicked on.

Screenshot of an expandable image feature 

​Map with Layers

The map with layers allows you to show the whereabouts of a place or places in Northamptonshire. You can edit the look of the map by changing the location icon and you can insert the search bar to help with a more advanced search. You can insert additional information such as the address, which displays when you select the location icon.

Screenshot of map with layers