Web monitoring

Once your website is live it doesn't get forgotten about. Our team do several things to monitor your website and make sure that it is of high quality and up to date.

up time down time.pngUptime and downtime

We are aware of every time the website goes down and make sure that it gets
resolved every time it does. We are able to keep track of any down time patterns.

spell check.pngSpell checking

We monitor your website for incorrect spelling and correct any spelling
mistakes across the website.

broken links.pngBroken links

We get notified whenever a link becomes broken and fix them.



We use Google Analytics to analyse the amount of page views your site is
getting, popular search terms, what devices users are viewing your site on and more.

shortcut urls.pngShortcut URLs

We are able to create shortcut URLs such as,
which can be used to promote your website in printed materials.

customer feedback.png​Customer feedback

We have a 'rate this page' feature which allows customers to give us
feedback on your site, we collect this feedback and report it to you.

User interactions​User interactions

We have a 'heat map' feature which allows us to see how visitors    
use your site, from where they are looking on your pages to where they are clicking.