Case Studies

​Longtown Outdoor Learning Centre

Promoting the centre's beautiful surroundings and their wide range of outdoor activities.

Longtown Outdoor Learning Centre website 

​Each of our Outdoor Learning Centres - Everdon, Grendon and Longtown - wanted modern, visual websites to rival external competitor centres. We undertook a major project to split the previous Outdoor Learning website into three bespoke sites, enabling each centre to promote their unique selling points more effectively.

Key objectives of the project

The objectives were to:

  • be more customer-focused
  • be more informative, presenting more details on accommodation, risk assessments and costs
  • be more visual, using images that promote the centre's beautiful surroundings and the wide range of activities on offer
  • be fully branded: Longtown OLC is a First for Wellbeing service and therefore the website follows their brand guidelines
  • direct customers to the online enquiry form


New Longtown Outdoor Learning website 

​"The format works really well for mobile. Scrolling down the website was really slick and had a groovy change of format to keep the scroller interested."

- Previous visitor of Longtown Outdoor Learning Centre


​Our approach

We felt that we needed to know a bit more about what the service was all about before starting any work on their new website.

  • What were the service's unique selling points?
  • What makes the centre stand out from other outdoor activity services?
  • What is the current booking process?

We decided to travel to Longtown and spend two days at the activity centre as if we were a real customer of the service - what better way is there to find out what it is like to be a customer of Longtown than to actually BECOME a customer of Longtown?

We participated in a variety of outdoor activities; walking up mountains and along waterfalls with a primary school that were doing the full residential experience.


We were able to speak to school teachers on our visit to Longtown and ask them:

  • what they needed to know before visiting the centre
  • how easy it was to book their visit
  • what didn't work well for them on the website

We used this feedback to create a persona for reference when building the website, ensuring we were meeting each of the audience's needs.

​We presented all of our research and design ideas to the service before building the website.

Longtown Outdoor Learning Centre activity 


The centre's unique selling points are:

  • the surrounding scenery
  • the range of activities they carry out within the Brecon Beacons

We photographed the scenery and took action shots of children participating in activities, using these images throughout the website. We've had lots of positive feedback about the use of visuals to convey the identity of the centre.

​Online form

We found out that the main goal of the website was for customers to be able to book a visit to Longtown. It wasn't clear on their old website how to book a visit to the centre.

We created an online enquiry form allowing customers to enquire about the different services available for example:

  • ​self-catering accommodation
  • training courses
  • and most importantly making a booking

How has the online form helped to improve the customer journey?

  • Visitors to the website can book or submit an enquiry online 24/7 instead of having to telephone during centre hours
  • The form is designed to capture all the information the service need to know

Longtown Outdoor Learning Centre online enquiry form   

It is important we maintain the high quality of the website and keep it up to date.


​Ongoing support

We maintain the quality of the website and keep it up to date by:

  • approving content – the service edit and submit their pages to us for publishing. This allows us to check everything is correctly formatted and in line with our content style guide.
  • monitoring Google Analytics to ensure prominent links are in line with:
    • most popular search terms
    • highest number of page views
  • checking for broken links and spelling errors
  • providing heat maps – seeing where customers click allows us to continuously improve page

​Visit the new website and see for yourself the beautiful scenery the centre is surrounded by and their wide range of outdoor activities:

Longtown Outdoor Learning Centre
Designed and built by Leah Thompson, photography by Lucy Cox
 Web Team Northamptonshire County Council.